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Cindy Guthrie Art

Eden || 24 x 24

Eden || 24 x 24

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Welcome to Eden

This idyllic scene reminds me of the way it was in the beginning.  

It also reminded me of my grandmother’s poem (below) inspired by the view from her tiny kitchen window.

  • Original Acrylic Painting
  • 24x24 inch
  • Premium 1 1/2 inch deep canvas
  • Sides painted yellow.
  • Wired and ready to hang.
  • Artist signed on front and back of painting.
  • Free ship within continental US. 


Spring at Shady Oaks

I have gathered together the dishes,

Pots and pans once more,

Getting ready to accomplish,

An almost-dreaded chore.


As I run hot soapy water,

My eyes turn quick as a wink,

Toward a small kitchen window,

Just over the sink.


I catch my breath at the beautiful sight.

God had washed everything during the night!

The world was almost as He would have it be,

And it was just waiting out there for me.


I opened the window, what wonderful fresh air,

The white clouds floating by with never a care.

As far as I can see, green grasses, big oak trees,

White-faced cattle, some black, some strange,

Grazing the lush green grasses, content as they range.


Over the hill comes a pickup carrying two men.

As it stops among the cattle,

I realize what a short time it has been.

Since the younger one was only a lad.

Now he is much taller than his Dad.


They watch the cows eating, happy as they can be.

They are both lovers of land, grasses and trees.

How time flies, I think, as I watch them move leisurely along.

Before we are ready, our children are grown.


My eyes catch two squirrels playing in a tree,

Always busy, feeling so free.

Not afraid of our gun,

Just scampering, playing, having fun.

A covey of quail feels that same way.

They are safe here in our yard any day.


I look beyond them and the thought comes to me,

The world is almost as lovely as God wanted it to be.

All washed, clean and pure, a beautiful sight,

For us to enjoy after resting all night.


Now each time I do the dishes,

Whether morning, noon or night,

I say a prayer of thanksgiving for eyes that can see,

A world just as beautiful as God meant it to be.

Frances Sue Willis

Special thanks to Willis Polled Herefords, Emory, Texas, for permission to paint from their photo.

Please contact me at with any questions.  I’ll be happy to send additional information or photos and answer any questions to help you acquire art you love for your space.  

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