An Okie for about 20 years now, I spent my childhood with one foot in the middle of Dallas and the other in my family’s Polled Hereford ranch in Emory, Texas. 

Texas wildflowers & blackberries, sandy garden rows, and the white-faced cows on my grandparent’s farm are enduring images of beauty from my childhood. Those farm animals, florals and other loves of family and church, are inspiration close to home. I also draw from travel experiences, especially beachy locales and the Southwest/desert landscape, as favorite subjects for my paintings and photography.

I began painting on my own—originally self-taught—in the fall of 2015. I soon discovered that creating art is very much a spiritual experience and a divine, holy link to the Creator and becomes an expression or reflection of that experience. Most of my paintings begin with a prayer, and then jumping in with courage. I love to experiment and lose myself to creativity, not always knowing what the end result will be. Many times I’m amazed by the beauty of colors as they mix on the canvas and by the beauty which may suddenly appear even on the palette.

My hope is that a painting will bring to mind and into your home a special memory or feeling of love, joy, lightness, hope or maybe a beautiful memory of childhood. All of those things which are a reflection of the glory of God and His character and bring us closer to seeing the world in the way it was first meant to be.


  • CHK | Central Boathouse, OKC Boathouse District, November 2016-January 2017
  • Guest artist at 50 Penn Place Gallery, Oklahoma City, July-October, 2018
  • Solo exhibit at Legacy Bank, Spring Creek, Edmond, OK, January-March, 2019
  • Solo exhibit at CHK|Central Boathouse, Oklahoma City, April-June, 2019
  • Nuvo Home, Oklahoma City, Show the Love Art Show & Sale, 2020 & 2021
  • 2020 Paseo SmallArt Show, Paseo Arts & Creativity Center, OKC, November-December 2020.  Merit Award recipient.
  • Edmond Vibes, July 2021 and August 5th 2021 at Urban Okie Home.

    Photography art cards are available at Sheraton Grand Wild Horse Pass, Chandler, AZ, as well as Emory Anne Interiors and Botanical Bar Edmond in Edmond, OK. 

    Art Education 
    Art class/workshop with Bert Seabourn and Melissa Lyons.

    Messages from YOU:

    I LOVE my “with all my heart”!!! I think of God...my family...and others and reflect on what I have tried to give and do through out my life. When I saw this painting and name, I knew I had to have it!!! I will treasure it for always and ever ❤️❤️. Not sure where it’s permanent home will be, but for now I want it in my kitchen because I am in here and pass through here the most each day. I love the beautiful note cards as well.