“I love the bold colors you use and the Endless Summer theme spoke to me.  I’m so excited that I could buy one of your paintings. It means a ton to me and it is very special.  Thank you so much for being an artist that exposes and sells her art.  Having a painting in your house excels everything else. Art is alive forever. Every time you look at it you communicate feelings with the artist.” C.S.

“Thank you so much for the beautiful painting!! I’m not sure how it’s possible, but it’s even more stunning in person.  It’s hanging up in our master bedroom. Everyone absolutely loves it!!!”  M.H.

“We just got the painting delivered.  It looks great and takes us right back to our trip to Fiji last year. Thanks for following up and paying attention to the shipping of the painting throughout.” D.B.

“Cindy, I absolutely adore it!!!  It is gorgeous and I could not love it more. Thank you, thank you for this wonderful gift!” C.B.


“Received the painting this evening and I love it! It’s a gift for my son and daughter in law to celebrate the purchase of their first home. The seller had beautiful bouquets of peonies throughout the house! Your painting will give them permanent peonies!”  M.B.