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Through the Storm || 36 x 36

Through the Storm || 36 x 36

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On a recent trip out west, we followed a huge and very beautiful, and I guess I should say powerful storm from Colorado through three states!  I kept myself entertained by taking photos and it was magical.  

We watched a rainbow and then a double rainbow for three hours solid.  What appeared as a huge cloud even on the horizon became monumental as we became accidental storm chasers and eventually caught up and moved through the storm (also accidentally).  

This painting is from one of my favorite photos of that day and the scale is true to life, the clouds are huge and foreboding as so many times they are.  I was a little scared for sure, but we were carried through it safely and the journey was beautiful and awesome.

Including a couple behind the scenes photos for you to see the edges and scale.  The natural filtered morning light casts a gentle shadow.  I will be touching up the edges as I can be a perfectionist like that—sometimes.

Original acrylic painting.  Painting is wired and ready to hang, edges are painted, and painting is protected with archival varnish.  Artist signed on front and back of painting.

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